QFP09 Series 9,000 lb. 2 Post Lift

9,000 lb. Capacity Two Post Low Ceiling Lift

Quality Lifts’ QFP09 9,000 lb. 2 post low-ceiling lift is perfect for low ceiling applications with a 10’ 7/8” overall column height. Standard front and rear 3-stage arms provide maximum arm sweep, arm retraction and reach. Quality Lifts’ QFP09 2 post lift is perfect for short and long wheelbase vehicles as well as wide body imports.

Quality Lifts' QFP09 9,000 lb. two post lift is perfect for home enthusiasts as well as professional vehicle service shops with low ceiling height requirements. Double telescoping screw pads, durable powder coat finish, plated arm pins, and a heavy-duty chain and hydraulic lifting system with cable synchronization makes this two post lift an overall work horse.

QFP09 2 post lift

Model #: QFP09
9,000 lb. 2-Post Lift