Choosing a 4 Post Lift for Your Home Garage

Are you considering a 4 post lift for your home garage? Whether you want a lift for storage or for auto repair and detailing, selecting a new 4 post lift from a quality manufacturer is a smart choice. But how do you know which lift is right for your space? And what about 4 post lift installation? We are here to answer all of your questions.

A four post lift is the perfect solution for home storage and periodic cleaning and polishing because it supports the entire vehicle. You can also choose between a portable or anchored 4 post lift. These lifts come in a variety of sizes, lift capabilities and types. To find the one that’s right for your home garage, keep the following in mind:

Lift Capacity: Think about the types of vehicles you plan to store or work on with your new lift, since vehicle weight matters. For example, the Q4P07 is a 7,000 lb. 4 post lift, whereas the Q4P09 is a 9,000 lb. lift. Our highest capacity home garage lift is the Q4P12, which has a 12,000 lb. capacity.

Size of your garage and ceiling height: Will the lift you choose fit in your home garage? Our free standing four post lifts vary in size, so make sure you’re choosing one that will fit in your space by checking out the specifications. For instance, the Q4P07 has an overall length of 195 ½” and overall width of 100 ½”. The Q4P12E, however, has an overall length of 20’4½” and an overall width of 10’10 ¾”

Speed of rise: Do you want the fastest rising 4 post lift? Or is speed of rise not a concern for you? Your answer may factor into which free standing four post lift you choose. For example, the Q4P07 rises in 120 seconds, whereas the Q4P12 rises in 70 seconds.

Safety: It’s important to have a safe 4 post lift no matter where you plan to use it. Quality Lifts is dedicated to consistently meeting safety standards and providing the highest quality lifts. We care about the safety of our customers and stand behind our efforts to sell only the safest products.

4 post lift installation: Once you know which lift is best for your needs, how does it get installed? Quality Lifts provides customers with easy shipping, installation and support without the top brand costs. We want you to spend less time worrying about the 4 post lift installation and more time working on your passion.

Used vs. New: If you’re considering a used 4 post lift over a new one, keep in mind that unlike new lifts, used lifts are not warranted by the manufacturer. They may have missing or replacement parts which can lead to frequent failure and servicing. Plus, used lifts have to be taken down, removed from one location and relocated to another. That means you pay double labor.

As an auto enthusiast, you deserve to have the reliability and peace of mind that come with a new 4 post lift. Whether you want more space to store your special vehicle or a lift to work on your projects, our 4 post lifts provide a safe and reliable platform with the features seen in commercial grade auto lifts.

If you’re ready to take the next step towards your quality 4 post lift, request more information today.