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Are Scissor Lifts Ideal for Your Facility or Home Garage?

You may be wondering what the purpose of a mid-rise car lift is. An sometimes forgotten option next to 2 post and 4 post lifts, mid-rise car lifts, or scissor lifts, are often chosen for their convenience. The lightweight portability found in these specialty car lifts is one of their top qualities. They can be used indoors or outdoors on virtually any solid surface.

Because they can be used on any surface and can be moved according to need, mid-rise car lifts can help increase productivity in shops that require quick maintenance. For car enthusiasts who are looking for a handy lift to use in their home garage, scissor lifts are also great solution.

A mid-rise car lift will provide a service bay wherever you need it. Quality Lift’s QMR6 mid-rise car lift includes special features just to ensure this added convenience. For example, the auto lift includes a heavy duty tow dolly with an electric motor to help with relocation. A single push button unit with a release valve makes lowering vehicles simple and easy. On top of the added convenience, scissor lifts offer an in-between lift level that can be more comfortable.

While a short rise car lift may only have three lock positions, a mid-rise car lift will provide more options. The QMR6 mid-rise car lift has seven safety lock positions. So, there are more opportunities to find an optimal height that is comfortable for yourself or your technicians. Plus, if you plan on using a vehicle lift in your home garage, these specialty car lifts are a great height for saving space while still fitting indoors.

Learn more about Quality Lifts' QMR6 mid-rise car lift, which has a 6,000 lb capacity and was built for ease and convenience