Short Rise Vs. Mid Rise Car Lifts

Quick service work requires convenient and efficient car lifts. When performing service like brake, exhaust or tire work, a short rise or mid rise car lift may be the perfect solution because they offer clear access to the most essential areas of the vehicle.

But what exactly are the main differences between a short rise and mid rise car lift? Let’s compare some of the primary features of each.

Short Rise Car Lifts

A short rise car lift is not only easy to use, it’s also heavy duty. It features dual hydraulic cylinders which provide a 10,000 lb. lifting capacity. This allows technicians to service most types of vehicles, including cars and trucks.

In addition, the lift offers three locking positions, which allows technicians to work at an ergonomic working height, increasing productivity and minimizing fatigue. Get more work done in a faster period of time with a short rise car lift.

Another great feature is the standard two position spotting blocks, which can reach pick up points on a wider range of vehicles – allowing you to service more vehicles than you would with some other types of car lifts.

Mid Rise Car Lifts

Now let’s focus on the features of the mid rise car lift – the QMR6 This type of lift is all about convenience. One of its most convenient aspects is its portability – the heavy duty tow dolly provides flexibility to service vehicles anywhere, indoors or out. It also features an electric motor mounted on a tow dolly, which provides both convenience and ease of maneuverability.

Another convenience factor is the single push button power unit with release valve. This provides a huge amount of expediency when lifting and lowering vehicles.

And while the short rise lift has three lock positions, the QMR6 has seven safety lock positions and also allows technicians to work at a comfortable height for utmost productivity and ease.

Lastly, we must touch on the most obvious difference between the short rise and mid rise car lifts – the height rise. Clearly the short rise car lifts reach a lower overall height rise than the mid rise car lifts, but both provide the right working height for increased technician productivity and ergonomic benefits.

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