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Q4P07 / Q4P09

Enthusiast Lifts

Quality’s Q4P07 7,000 lb. capacity and Q4P09 9,000 lb. capacity 4-post lifts compliment your service needs, from home enthusiasts and commercial storage to light-duty general service applications. They are essential for the “do it yourself” home garage, providing the best of both worlds — store a vehicle up top and below with up to 80” of clearance at full rise, or use this lift to service your vehicles.

  • 7,000 lb. lifting capacity or 9,000 lb. lifting capacity models available
  • Up to 85.5” service rise height in top locked position
  • Up to 80″ clearance in top locked position for storage application
  • Multiple heights, lengths and widths available (9,000 lb. models only)
  • Adjustable lock ladders allow for a versatile install with sensitivity to uneven floors
  • Commercial-grade formed runways ensure a strong, stable unit
  • Single-point manual lock release disengages column locks simultaneously
  • Air not required for operation
  • Anchoring not required to maintain ALI/ETL certification
  • Larger columns and base plates add stability  (9,000 lb. models only)
  • Built-in runway rail system provides versatility to add convenience options like rolling jacks and oil drip trays (sold separately)
  • Powder coat finish provides long-lasting durability

Description7,000 lbs. Standard9,000 lbs. Standard9,000 lbs. Extended Length9,000 lbs. Extended Length & Width
Lifting Capacity7,000 lbs.9,000 lbs.9,000 lbs.9,000 lbs.
Overall Length16' 3.5"17' 5.5"19' 5.5"19' 5.5"
Overall Width8' 4.5"9' 4.25"9' 4.25"10' 7.25"
Inside Columns7' 8.125"7' 11"7' 11"9' 2"
Between Columns12' 3.5"13' 4.5"15' 4.75"15' 4.75"
Height of Columns6' 7.5"7' .5"8' .5"8' .5"
Height of Runways5.75"7"7"7"
Width of Runways20"20"20"20"
Width Between Runways38"38"38"38"
Rise Height68.125"73.25"85.5"85.5"
Max. Wheelbase141.5"155"179"179"
Clearance Height63"68"80"80"
Motor1HP or 2HP1HP or 2HP1HP or 2HP1HP or 2HP
Voltage115v or 230v115v or 230v115v or 230v115v or 230v
Rise Time120 s / 60 s120 s / 60 s120 s / 60 s120 s / 60 s
Min. Bay Size10' x 20'11' x 22'11' x 22'14' x 22'

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